The society was registered on 30-7-1956 under Section 10 of the Bombay Cooperative Societies Act 1925. The area of operation of the society consists of six talukas Viz. 1.Gandevi 2. Chikhli 3. Bulsar 4. Navsari 5. Vansda and 6. Mahuva. Its inauguration ceremony was performed by Late Hon. Morarjibhai Desai on 23.1.1962. Sugarcane grower farmers have provided adequate share capital and only cane growers became the shareholder within the proximity of the factory. We have now 14000 cane growers who are the share holders. The factory is situated in very much enlightened and educated area, and inherited the veteran Co-operators and devoted social workers who contributed their utmost during the independence struggles. Today Gandevi Tehsil’s average way of life is largely associated with Co-operative organizations like Fruit Mandalis, Milk Mandalis, Credit Societies and People’s Banks and Village-wise primary Mandalis. .

Details of the functioning of the organization is as under

  • Presently our cane milling capacity is 5000 M. Tons /day. The factory runs for approximately 190 to 200 days between October and May.
  • Annual cane milling ranges between 1 million tons to 1.2 million tons of sugarcane.
  • Plantation white double sulphitation process sugar production / year is between 1.2 million to 1.3 million quintals.
  • While producing sugar from sugarcane bye-products such as bagasse (residue of cane), Molasses and filter cake are produced. Bagasse is used for generating steam and electricity for factory consumption. 5.5 Maga Watt electricity is generated for our own captive uses. Molasses is used for distillation and manufacturing industrial alcohol and ethanol. Presently we are manufacturing 10 million liters to 10.15 million liters of alcohol and ethanol per season. Filter cake and spent wash from distillery is mixed to manufacture bio-fertilizer and given to farmers at concessional rates to improve cane Productivity.
  • During the season we give employment to nearly 1200 employees, majority of them are family members of the farmers of our farmer share holders.
  • The factory started with 400 tons daily capacity in 1962, now it has a capacity of 6000 tons of sugarcane crushing / day. The whole concept and idea behind the enterprise is to have the farmers ownership, management and enjoy the results with minimum greed. “ Each for All and All for Each”…. is the principle behind this.
  • The farmer members are provided with know how of agriculture practices, with Bio, Soil & Tissue Culture, laboratories, technical crop raising modern farm practices, minimizing crop input and maximization of yield of sugarcane/hectare. We have a special department for agriculture development. Training is also imparted.