The farmer members are provided with know how of agriculture practices, with Bio, Soil & Tissue Culture, laboratories, technical crop raising modern farm practices, minimizing crop input and maximization of yield of sugarcane/hectare. We have a special department for agriculture development. Training is also imparted

Regular seminars on cane farming, input management and varietal plantations are held with the help of The Agricultural University in this area. The factory has its own Biological laboratory, where biological control of pest and decease is handled in the affected farms. The tissue culture laboratory of the factory provides healthy plants of sugarcane. Soil testing laboratory of the factory regularly take the soil samples of the farmers soil and gives guidance. The harvesting and transportation is also closely supervised by the Agri. staff so that round the clock fresh cane is reached to the mill without loss of time. The factory takes utmost care for fresh and clean cane to be milled. The cumulative results of the efforts is that the factory’s season average recovery has remained number one in Gujarat in the last decade.

With the results to-day 14000 farmers members, holding small agri-land are supplying sugarcane to the tune of Ten lack ( 1 Ml. ) tones to the factory and the factory of 5000 T.C.D. achieves the average crushing of 5800 TCD or so. The cane payments are very much regular and perhaps these has crossed the international cane price also. The cane payments are directly deposited through money transfer in their respective bank accounts and farmers also deposit their surplus money with the factory, thus providing a source for working capital to the factory. The farmers are provided the crop finance in collaboration with District Central Bank.