The society was registered on 30-7-1956 under Section 10 of the Bombay Cooperative Societies Act 1925. The area of operation of the society consists of six  talukas Viz. 1.Gandevi 2. Chikhli 3. Bulsar 4. Navsari  5. Vansda and 6. Mahuva. The society has come up at the present level passing through many ups and downs. Its inauguration ceremony was performed by Late Hon. Morarjibhai Desai on 23.1.1962.

The first Sugar factory in the Cooperative sector was established at Pravara in Maharashtra. Looking to its success the Bombay State Government started encouraging establishment of sugar factories on cooperative basis. At that time our region was a part of State of Bombay and Dr. Jivrajbhai Mehta was its finance minister. He encouraged workers of this area and advised them to take the benefit of the Government policy and to established a sugar factory on cooperative basis in the area. Social and Political workers of this area who were dedicated to Gandhian principles met together and resolved to establish a cooperative sugar factory in this region. Many of the promoters of the society were cooperative workers and were holding responsible posts in cooperative institutions of this region. Hence the cooperative societies of this region played a vital role in this movement. 25 Promoters applied for registration of the Society and got it registered.